Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Wonderful World of Relay Part 1

My cousin and her husband came up this weekend to join us for Relay for Life of Boone County. Afton and I always look for an excuse to get together and this was a great one. Not only because we got to spend 12 non stop hours with each other but because we also spent many hours emailing and talking on the phone to prepare for this. We decided to have a team and because she is little miss crafty w figured we would sell home crafted things at our "tent". We had local artists donate jewelry, pottery and a hand sewn bag. She also made some jewelry and brought stuff that she had quilled. Our bigest seller was TuTu's. We decided to make and sell Tutus because as a mom of three little girls we knew that every little girl would want them. What we didn't expect was that boys, older girls and even some adults would want them.
Afton took this one as we were trying to count and organize all the Tutu's.
Once w had all the TuTu's loaded in the car I couldn't resist getting a picture. It was like a princess explosion! 
After weeks of hard work it all came together and we had a fantastic booth.

Even Mickey couldn't resist our TuTu's!

At the end of the night we had only two lonely little TuTu's left. 

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