Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ride the Leviathan: How Big is Your God?

We had the awesome opportunity to work a week of camp at White Oak. Ok so it wasn't a week it was a weekend and we only worked one day of that weekend. I should start this over and say we had the awesome opportunity to work a day at White Oak this summer well part of a day anyway. This summer's theme was "Ride the Leviathan: How Big is Your God?" I don't know about you but my God is pretty freaking big! 

It had been many years since I visited White Oak but that camp holds special meaning to me. It is where I met and fell in love with Shawn 13 years ago. It also happens to be where we got married nearly 12 years ago. A lot has changed over the years at White Oak and yet not much really has. I wish I could say that this is the shelter we were married in. That shelter was torn down though. Now when you stand on the bridge as we did that special day 12 years ago all you end up seeing is the bathrooms.

White oak is still a beautiful place surrounded by Gods love. Sometimes I forget just how nice and peaceful it is there. We had time between our classes to just sit and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Its such a pretty open space. I don't remember everything being so stinking far though. After the third trip to the car for lesson materials and diapers I ended up pulling the car close to the shelter we were teaching in. I guess this now makes me old. 

 I had a heck of a time keeping up with Jo. Jolie wasn't as big on just sitting. She found joy in running the open space.

 Eventually she led us off to a part of the camp I never even knew existed. I realize that I was never a traditional camper there but of all the times I have been out to White Oak for camps, work days, and other various reasons I'm amazed that I didn't know this was there.

What a cool little hidden place. I'd love to spend a little more time just sitting quietly at the foot of the cross. 

Shawn and I had a lot of fun teaching together. He did an object lesson to show how big our God is and how He can take something like mud and dirt and purify it. Leave it to him to find a way to plug in a nerdy science lesson about filtering water!

The girls of course helped us teach. This was a great experience for them because just a few weeks later they got to attend another church camp. Once they saw what goes on they were a million times more excited about going of to camp. .
 The best part of camp was of course the chapel service. There is nothing like worshiping at camp in the chapel to make you realize the awesomeness of God.

 I'm not sure who got into it more the campers or the helpers?

The skit team was incredible. They helped us learn that sometimes things can be really hard. 
Sometimes things can even seem impossible.
But when you have a great big God...ANYTHING is possible! Wait a sec...are we saying Chris is God?
I don't think so lol!
He may not be God but he gave us a really great message about our Great Big God!

Thanks White Oak for teaching us just how big our God is. We hope to see you again next year!

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