Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bald and Beautiful!

I really had planned to post more this month but I ended up taking a break from the blogging world. So many breast cancer survivors make their blogs in October about how ugly cancer is and how they hate Pink. If you were following me this time last year you know I LOVE PINK! Which is why I didn't want to post my next blog. I also didn't want to go off on a rant about how we survived cancer and deserve a girly color. Heck I have no boobs and short hair I need something to wear so that people know I'm a girl. I had intended my next blog to be about the mastectomy but again I didn't want to add to the anti pink cancer is ugly blogs this time of year so I thought I would just post random pictures from my time during Chemo. After all that was the next faze of my treatment anyway. So here are a few fun pictures between the time I was diagnosed and my surgery.

  This one was obviously taken early on in treatment. Some days I can't believe Jo was ever this small. She kind of looks like a little spider monkey lol. I took this with my iphone one day at Shawn's work while waiting for him to get off. I'm not sure what I was doing off work that day but its one of my favorite pictures of the two of us.

 I think this one is pretty obvious. It was taken right before Halloween. One thing we tried to do was make sure that we kept things as "normal" as possible. We didn't want our kids to miss out on things like carving pumpkins or dressing up for Halloween just because I was sick. I couldn't find any pictures but not only did we all dress up we even went to church Sunday morning in costume. I can't wait for the next time it falls on a Sunday lol!
Well if there is something really ugly about cancer its this picture! I believe this was taken at Thanksgiving. If not its pretty close to it. This is our home away from home. We try and go to Shawn's grandparents house every chance we get.
This is one of my favorite pictures. This was obviously taken at Hooters. I wanted to do something fun before my mastectomy so the weekend before my surgery the entire Beal clan went to Hooters. They were amazing there. They gave us a discount (basically free lunch for me) and this fabulous t-shirt which I will never be able to fit even without having any boobs. That was my first time eating at hooters and after meeting their fabulous staff I can't help but go back and celebrate milestones there. My goal is to get them signed on as sponsors for Komen or another similar group in the future.

Well there you have it. While its true cancer sucks life still goes on. It can even continue to be fun and amazing if you just choose to make it that way. Yes there are ugly things about cancer but stick it out over the next couple of blogs and you will see that even through the scary ugliness of cancer beauty can be found if you just look for it.

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I can't let myself end this one without reminding you all to make sure you are doing your self breast exams and to schedule to see your doctor and get your yearly mammogram or as a dear friend always says "go get your boobs smashed in the freezer door" lol! I have to take her word on this as I have not nor will I ever need a mammogram. Its just one of the "perks" of having breast cancer.