Saturday, November 23, 2013

She Is....Jenny McGee

I want to introduce you to an amazing women today. She is someone who inspires hope and healing in people... she is an artist... she is a fellow survivor.

Her name is Jenny McGee. She is an artist here in Columbia but her Eco-friendly art is known far beyond this town. She has been featured in the Columbia Daily Tribune and Vox Magazine for her artwork which brings hope and healing to many. Her work was featured in the World Trade Art Galley in New York City among other places. She has a studio here in CoMo at Orr Street Studios. If you haven't been to Orr Street Studios you really should check it out. I can't say enough about this place. Jenny also teaches art classes for cancer survivors and patients as way of healing. I don't have an artistic bone in my body but I love the idea of healing through art. That is why I started this blog. I found blogging to be very therapeutic and an important part of my healing process. I have no doubt that her work with patients and survivors brings healing to many. The healing processes is so much more than "beating cancer". There just aren't enough words to describe this fabulous lady or her artwork.

I'm thankful for all the amazing women I have met as a result of breast cancer. Jenny and I were connected through some mutual survivor friends. While I don't know her well I hope that we have more opportunities to get to know each other in the future. She recently posted about me in her blog. The entry is guessed it..."She Is - Liz Beal". It was nice of her to use my story to help encourage and inspire others. I was honored that she chose to use my story and I encourage you to take some time to read it. It won't take you long to read as it is very short. Even more I encourage you to read about her story and view her artwork, her jewelry, her note cards and her blog. She is a very gifted artist and using that gift to inspire, encourage and bring hope and healing to a world that so desperately needs it.

Here is the link to her website:

Here is the blog featuring yours truly: